Maastricht Jazz Award

We won in the Netherlands as well! In beautiful Maastricht we won the first price playing at the local jazz award.

Grand Prix in Avignon

We made it again! In beautiful Avignon, France we won the "Tremplin Jazz Award". Next year we will be opening the Avignon jazz festival and will record at the (quote) "best studio in france". Woohoo!

First price at "Young Germann Jazz Award"

We're extremely greatful for winning this despite the fantastic competion, thanks!

Runner-Up at "Jazz Award Munich"

Didn't work out this time. Nonetheless we had a great time and congratulate our Cologne-based colleagues who won!

A foundry, a factory. Industrial plants, focussed on processing their products in alembics with next to no margins for error. Always keeping one goal in sight: all components resemble each other down to their molecular level and are being led to a single purposed after being sold.


The goal of the Cologne-based trio differs greatly from that of the common foundry. It is about diversity, aesthetics and their own roots. In their time of playing, the group grew into a unit. At all times their compositions mirror the authentic sound of JAF Instead of forcing every workpiece into a cast and thereby burdening them with tight restrictions, they choose the freedom of interaction, microtonal structures and playful grooves. A basic consideration for melody leads their way, even though they don’t stop at rustic sounds and tunes.

Jonas Engel - saxophone
Florian Herzog - double bass
Anthony Greminger - drums

“This is how the future of german jazz looks like”- SZ (South German Newspaper)
 19.09.15           Altes Pfandhaus - Köln
 05.10.16           Cafe Dukes - Maastricht (NL)
 06.10.16           Lichtburg - Essen
 10.10.16           Schlot - Berlin
 12.10.16           Donau 115 - Berlin
 13.10.16           L'an Vert - Liége (BE)
 16.10.16           ABS - Köln
 20.10.16           Theater an het Vrijthof - Maastricht (NL)
 24.10.16           5E - Copenhagen (DK)
 26.10.16           Concertkirken - Copenhagen (DK)
 26.10.16           Christiania Jazz Club - Copenhagen (DK)
 27.10.16           Metronomen - Copenhagen (DK)





Dem Anton Sein Ludwig

Florian Herzog
Melchiorstraße 12
50670 Köln
+49 1573 1787166

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